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Friday, April 3, 2020

Ninja PUBG MOBILE Emulator Safety is Required

:a10~1: Report Status: 
As we think Some Jealous People Report to Tencent Official About NINJA. Not only NINJA Most of Tool Facing Problem now which was working well. So, We taking some time this moment to make something STRONG like before. Please Stay with Us. We will Care about your KEY Time. 
We are notice that Most of user use windows 10 1909 or earlier version. At result they face many Error and Ban. We Strongly Recommended everyone use Windows 10 Pro v1809 for smooth Game-play and better security. 
Make Your PC Ready for Next Update now:
(here a guide & link for your help
:635846810493124647: Download Windows 10 Pro v1809 : Click Here 
:635846810493124647: Download Rufus USB For Boot : Click Here
:635846810493124647: Format C:// Drive and Setup Fresh Windows 
:635846810493124647: After Setup Done let it take essential Updates
:635846810493124647: Install ioBit Driver Booster and Update All Drivers
:635846810493124647: Install All DirectX and C++ Drivers
:635846810493124647: Disable your windows Update using Tool : Click Here
:635846810493124647: Disable Antivirus and Firewall 
:635846810493124647: Make PC Region Simplified China and Restart
:635846810493124647: Now U can Install Latest Gameloop and Play... 

:a10~1: Note: We will announce when new Update will done. No need to ask again again about this matter. Now Safety is most important than time. 
Thank You :heart: