Monday, April 20, 2020

True Damage BP and AB Premium For LD PLayer - LD PLAYER ANTIBAN + HOST FILE

:2891_RedAlert: LD PLAYER ANTIBAN :2891_RedAlert:

:2891_RedAlert: LD PLAYER HOST FILE :2891_RedAlert:

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:2891_RedAlert:Join Discord for Help:2891_RedAlert:

True Damage BP and AB Premium  Antiban For LD PLayer
Steps :
:arr3: Reinstall your game with fresh update (Important) :arr3: Extract TrueD folder to C:\Users\Pc Name\Documents\XuanZhi\Pictures :arr3: use my paks from last AB and place them after update the game :arr3: Use the True Damage Premium.txt host in strange vpn then Run game with BP button common errors : :arr3: Tool not open ? sol: Make sure u have latest Net.framework and VC :arr3: Button not work or open game ? Make sure u have adb installed and path to LD :arr3: Block game in spawn island and use 2 Emus trick :arr3: Always use exit if u want finish playing or game will be messed and will not open again . :arr3: Unblock button use it on your own risk sometimes give chicken ban 10 mins (So i recommend use safe exit after match finish and stuck in game)