Sunday, August 16, 2020


73 years have passed since the independence of Pak-India animosity and enmity and the Kashmir issue is undoubtedly the main issue in the path of cordial relations between the two. 

The matter also went to the UN Security Council, many countries tried to mediate and there were several rounds of Pak-India talks but no positive result was found. With the annexation of Kashmir by India through the repeal of Article 370 by the Modi government, the Kashmir issue has once again come to the forefront of global issues, which could sabotage world peace at any moment in the event of a horrific war.

If we look at the last seven decades on this issue, it is clear that the two neighbors did not make any political and diplomatic compromises, but instead the hostility towards reconciliation increased. India's position is that Kashmir is an integral part of it while Pakistan considers it as its lifeblood. 

If there is Kashmir issue then why and what options does Pakistan have for the independence of occupied Kashmir? The bitter truth is that in the current situation, the only viable solution to this question seems to be the political and diplomatic struggle. In the current history of the past and the current Sino-US tug-of-war, it is temporarily impossible. 

In the past the Security Council passed several resolutions but India continued to benefit from the Soviet Union and now the reverse is that India has American, British, French support but that does not mean that Pakistan should vacate the political and diplomatic arena. 

Rather, it should adopt an aggressive stance in Kashmir policy and abolish the Kashmir Committee at the administrative level and set up a Kashmir and India desk in which civil and military intellectuals should be deployed, just as the United States has separate desks for South Asia. 

Middle East, Africa, etc. In such a situation when the world powers issue Kashmir If we are not serious about the solution, then what options does Pakistan have? In this regard, the traditional way is to continue the moral and diplomatic support of the Kashmiri Mujahideen, but it certainly causes trouble to India, 

but it is not ready to give up Kashmir, Kashmiri Mujahideen aside from the armed struggle to the Indian Army. In other words, they can inflict casualties on the armed struggle, but it does not cause any significant loss to India. It can recruit 2,000 more troops instead of 1,000. 

The second is the option of the diplomatic front, which has been tried many times but the desired goals have not been achieved. 

So now Pakistan has to change its policy and block India economically under the Tit for Tat along with the diplomatic front, create a huge substitute for Indian markets as India tried to make Pakistan economically poor and He used the nefarious method for it in Pakistan The market for terrorism kept warm. 

Pakistan can also answer bricks with stones but no one needs to do anything with Modi as the late General Hameed Gul had said that Modi would prove to be a gift of nature for Pakistan and so it happened, Modi said Hindutva policies Has created a divisive situation in India, Muslims as a whole are feeling insecure, 

Sikhs are not happy with India and the wounds of 1984 are still alive in their hearts, besides the Seven Sisters. There are already freedom movements going on, Dalits are also wounded and turned into volcanoes, Tamils ​​and Buddhists are not ready to recognize themselves as Hindus, 

at any moment India's street war could break out. Overcoming does not seem to be India's business. The day this volcano created by Modi erupts, the lava coming out of it will burn the Indian economy to ashes. In addition, 

the Modi government is India's traditional Abandoning the policy, instead of secularism, Hindu Rashtra has been replaced by Hindu Rashtra and on the other hand, the state has been turned into an American satellite. Will not allow to become a global factory. 

India's internal situation has once again pushed the wheel of time backwards and once again there is a pre-partition situation and Pakistan should take advantage of these fault lines and situation to repay the next and previous loans.