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Monday, August 17, 2020

INDOOP MAGIC BULLET HACK GAMELOOP Negative effects of "PubG Online Game

that anything like this story about a famous online game "Pub yes" in July 2020 Granting Morning News police According to the report, 18-year-old.

Shehryar, a resident of Aazi Road Punjab Society, Lahore, committed suicide after refusing to play "Pub G" game. His body was shifted to the morgue by Edhi Ambulance.

It should be noted that "Pub G" is a very popular online game among the youth and children, which is played to the extent of madness all over the world, including Pakistan, while the neighboring country India has also died due to this game.

One of the most popular mobile games among us these days is called PubG. 
The way it is played is that 100 people take part in the game in the form of cartoons and they land 100 people by parachute on a certain place by plane. 

There are houses in different places in the map, different types of weapons are found in these houses and with these weapons in this game one servant kills another servant with his cunning and intellect and with time inside the game. Comes from an electric current that keeps the remaining cartoons or people close to each other. 

So that people come in front of each other and mark each other's cartoons to win. In the end, only one in 100 survivors wins. Is awarded the title of The term was coined by back-alley gamblers during the Great Depression of the 1930s. 

These frustrated gamblers bet on everything they did in hopes of winning the "Chicken Dinner". So even today, the guy who wins the "Pub G" game feels as happy as those gamblers.

There is no religious or worldly benefit in playing it, such as physical exercise, etc., it is played only for blood games and pastime, which is a "nonsense" job, and the players who play it usually.

They become accustomed to it and then become so addicted to it that they become oblivious to many religious and even worldly matters. It has been observed that people who play this game over and over again, their minds start to become negative and like the game, they really think of Mardhar etc. in the world, many of which have happened in the past. And this is the latest event of the day.

If the question is asked how to stop playing such games, then the best peers of the world can understand them better than the ones who love them and nature is the true friend of everyone who has an effect.