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Monday, August 17, 2020


Someone has told the truth that "more sit-ups kill"- Sitting in front of the computer in the office and living a comfortable life, my stomach gradually came out - and I got sick at the age of 5 - but I did not know that I was so sick. 

I'm done - but what happened one day when I was walking back to the office from the bank with my paycheck at noon that my health started to deteriorate while walking - and it became difficult to reach the office - the office was falling apart. 

Reached - Panic and Anxiety had made me feel bad - There were doctors in the office - I went to them and found out that my blood pressure had risen significantly - It was the first day I found out that my blood pressure had risen. 

Yes - this has never happened before - the doctor put the pill under his tongue and told me to lie down on the bed - but my condition was not getting better - well after half an hour I felt some relief - and my blood Pressure is normal -But I didn't think I was fit for any job. 

So my boss fired me and I came home in a taxi with an office colleague - in the evening I showed my neighborhood doctor. The ones I had been treating since I was a child - and heard the whole story - they suggested some laboratory tests - gave me some medicine temporarily - and told me to avoid eating bakery products - to avoid butter and cream. Instructed - 

I went to the laboratory the next day to do all the tests - and took 3 weeks leave from the office - after receiving the test report I went to Dr. Sahib - he saw the report and said "there is no danger. 

If you abstain and take the medicine with restraint, you will lead a normal life. "During these holidays, my condition improved a bit, so I started following Dr. Sahib's instructions - I avoided chicken - 

I stopped using sugar in tea - and I started drinking soft tea - it also reduced tension. - And above all, he started walking, the beloved tradition of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) - 

That is, he started walking for half an hour at dawn at dawn - with the blessing of which I I am living a normal life - someone has told the truth
"Blessings in action-"