Monday, August 17, 2020


Man wants to live in the future and get rid of the past but the routine of life binds him. You can't go backwards, it is expedient to move forward, sometimes fear comes in the way. You don't need any new way to live, just increase the water in Lucy until the mat is gone. 

People lived in settlements but due to social evils. With. He followed the path of the one who showed the right path. He did not deviate from the customs and religion of his ancestors. Group by group they were immersed in the darkness of ignorance and misguidance. They did not listen to the word of goodness and did not believe in it. 

They were stuck in the social values ​​based on the way of believing. They were empty of faith and full of doubt. Do not shy away from harming others for your own benefit. I was convinced that only what is there belongs to them. Allah also urges and commands to spend in His way. 

Then in return It also promises to be returned seven hundred times. But man has never taken it seriously. Because he is going to be in deficit.

Life is like centuries in the jungle, where you have to walk the paths that make the way. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. 

After satisfying the hunger with fruits and berries from the trees and being satisfied with water from the flowing springs, one has to set out on the journey again. Ah, how the heart and the eyes pass, only those who have gone through this journey can know.

This is not a story but a truth. When ah travels to the Throne in moments and before the tears flow from the eyelids, the one who bows his head in front of the Rabbi's command feels the intensity of the tears on his palms like a waterless fish.

At the age of twenty-six, when a mother of three young children wears a crown of faith and trust when she becomes a widow, and looks away from her surroundings and looks up at the sky, a deer walks on the earth at the command of the glorious Lord. A man like a horse becomes an image of helplessness like an ant.

They ! He handed over the money to his mother to buy new clothes for his children's Eid and listened to the enchanting songs in the car. He was on his way to his land when his neighbor who had recently passed away passed away. 

And the friend would leave the idea of ​​his form before his eyes. Remembering the good man was nothing new. He often mentioned the deceased in kind words. 

But today the idea was as if someone was shaking him in anxiety. All day long he was wandering in the fields for no reason. The restlessness made him very weak. The same face for hours on end, wherever he looked in the world of trouble.

One thought upset her that I had arranged new Eid clothes for my children and what new clothes three innocent children in her neighborhood would be able to wear on Eid day. 

As soon as he returned home in the evening, he gave some money to his wife and told her to go to his house and tell her to buy clothes for the children.

Everywhere he looked, there was a look on his face. On the same day, the innocent eldest daughter of the deceased was ordering to buy a suit from her mother in the bazaar. Which a widowed mother could not afford.

The innocent girl started crying and the mother was heartbroken. The Creator of the universe, who loved his creatures more than seventy mothers, created a sense of responsibility through an idea from the throne. 

Apparently the children were the apple of Nanhial Dadhyal's eye and the truth would have been revealed if the veil had ever been lifted from him. At the age of twenty-six, a dignified, modest and virtuous woman in the guise of a widow never showed her condition to anyone except Allah.

Allah Almighty made him anxious for a man who was so engrossed in the service of his old father who had paralysis and Alzheimer's disease that he had no special interest in the world. 

He was engaged in unraveling the intricacies of the relationship between soul and body. He was busy trying to save his nose from getting dusty and to avoid any shortcomings in the service of his parents.

Then he realized how he would carry the burden of the tears of the orphans on the other side of the wall of the house on the Day of Judgment. The widowed mother of three sought help only from God Almighty.

I don't know how much pain there was in his prayers that he would always be restless, life would be difficult. Ask your spouse what the problem is. There is always an attempt to avoid talking by saying all is well, but Allah Almighty never delays in helping His righteous servants. 

When he lost his composure and anxiety, he would say, "If everything is fine, why can't he have peace?" When that problem was finally solved, he would be relieved.

A widow would consider the help she received from God Almighty as a blessing and cover herself with the veil of ego and self-control. As the days and nights of life passed, the children reached the threshold of youth. 

On the occasion of children's marriages, in a world of extreme distress, how could a mother not pray to Allah that the clouds of restlessness and anxiety would not fall on her. 

When asked again and again, everything is fine, the preparation for marriage is also fine, they try to end the talk, but Allah knows everything that is obvious and what is in the hearts. He had neither peace nor tranquility, the same "all is well". The answer would not satisfy him until the problem was solved. 

Troubles keep coming regularly and keep away from the command of Allah Almighty. Fighting the merciless waves of time, today there is a happy life in this house. But their relationship with God Almighty is the same today. 

Whenever they face a problem, help comes from Allah Almighty. The Holy Essence of Allah does not allow one to be in trouble for more than a few days.

It will look like a script based on an imaginary story. But how does Allah Almighty take care of His pious servants and chooses a human being to help them and puts them to work in such a way that they themselves are amazed. 

Ordinary people are so accustomed to coloring stories that they get stuck between tricks and doubts in acknowledging the reality of the automatic system established by God Almighty. 

They seek rational justification for everything. It takes more trust than reason to test and believe this true story. Those who live by relying on the intellect and those who live by trust are different. 

There is nothing in this writing for those who have everything on the scales of reason because it does not provide any logic and justification. Rather, faith is firm for the believers.