Tuesday, August 11, 2020


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A 'PUBG Mobile' Streamer Was Openly Using And Selling Hacks On His Stream & It Needs To Stop

Earliethis weekend while casually browsing through my feed on Facebook, I came across a PUBG Mobile stream. I don't like playing the game personally, but I had to check out the stream because he had openly mentioned in the title that he's using exploits in the game to hack and gain an advantage over others.

So for those of you who don't know, a lot of online multiplayer games are plagued by these issues where players use exploits to hack and cheat in the game to gain an advantage over the others and win. Sadly, PUBG Mobile is also a part of this list of games and there are a lot of users hacking their way to victory.
Obviously, hacking itself is illegal but this particular Indian streamer was openly using it on stream. He was only streaming to show how effective his hacks were. He was using a very effective exploit that showed him other player's locations. On top of that, he also had 'aimbot' which is essentially an exploit that automatically snaps your aim on to the opponent's head for a head shot.

Armed with all these exploits, he was running around the map abusing other players and killing everybody that came in front of him. He kept promoting these hacks and said anybody can purchase it from him by sending a message on his WhatsApp number which was mentioned in the description.
He kept mentioning how his hacks were safe from Tencent's anti-cheat software and they won't be banned. It's safe to say that his stream on Facebook Gaming was super toxic and we don't recommend anybody to tune in and buy those hacks from him.

Hacking has been a huge problem in online gaming and it's super annoying for normal players like us who're trying to get better at a game or just, you know, playing it for fun. I've been playing a lot of Apex Legends lately and I can confirm how cheating is a huge problem in that game.

We really hope the devs of these games do a better job of keeping these hackers at bay. But until that happens, we players need to stay away from these players and keep reporting them for what they're doing.
I am obviously not going to name the streamer here because he's still streaming and promoting his hacks. The last thing we want to do is promote such abusers and get more hackers in-game. We've already reported his stream on Facebook and have reported him in-game too.

Lastly, I just want to point out that he couldn't even win a full game with his hacks. Imagine being so bad at the game that you can't win a match even with hacks. This proves how there's more to playing a game than just being good at aiming targets. It's better to spend time understanding a game properly instead of using these hacks and ruining the game for everyone.