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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Article on Democracy CRN BYPASS LD PLAYER PUBG 1.0

Ever since man stepped on this world, he has been fighting for his survival. Even if he has to kill his brother for it. Man kept struggling and searching. Keep looking for different ways to live. As we all know that man is a social animal, he cannot be alone. So the tribes continued to be formed on this basis. 

The chiefs of the tribes began to make all the decisions of their tribe, but the chief was given the status of father, because it was his responsibility to think about the welfare of the tribe. Then, as the population grows, so will racial segregation. War broke out among them. But the search continued forever, and that search was the search for a better life, a calmer life and a better way of governing.

Sometimes the monarchy would try, sometimes the dictatorship, sometimes the Senate in Rome would decide, sometimes the people would be stuck in communism, capitalism, gazism and I don't know which ism.

This search was going on in Greece when the Arabs were in ignorance. When Europe was plunged into darkness, new research was being done in the Arab world, new sciences were being studied. In the same way, when the Islamic world collapsed, Europe pursued this quest, and where we stand today is the essence of thousands of years of experience. And these experiments proved that democracy is the best form of government, if it is implemented in its original form.

If researched, the caliphate of the time of the Rightly Guided Caliphs was also the first form of democracy and the people's representatives used to elect the caliph.

Those who built the beloved homeland also wanted to see democracy flourish here. But unfortunately our bureaucracy, which was based on the British colonial concept, did not get along with the politicians and public representatives, and the first blow to our democracy was inflicted by the bureaucrats.

Then the elected representatives of the people were punished for paying more attention to the welfare of the people, and the institutions that were created to serve and protect the people were ruled by civilian supremacy. Is not satisfied, they continued to impose restrictions on politics. Without going into details, they should do their job. When they interfere in politics. 

Dictatorship lasted for 35 years, our wars were due to them, this country was broken because of them, they were the ones who brought heroin culture in this country, they were the ones who gave AK-47 to the youth, they were the ones who promoted extremism. They were, they created the Taliban, but the 70,000 lives that fell victim to terrorism were the result of their wrong policy.

Their hands are stained with the blood of their own people and the blame falls on the public representatives.

When asked why you took this step, they ruthlessly call it ideology of necessity or collateral damage.

Ironically, none of the 18 prime ministers could complete their term, and this time the procedure was changed, that is, a showy democracy.

A slender person was seated to show the world, but his command is followed. Both the three-time Prime Minister and the one-time President are serving sentences for selfless service. The crime is refusing to take dictation from them. Democracy in name only.

A friend said, "It would have been better if dictatorship had been imposed. My answer was that the worst democracy is a thousand times better than the best dictatorship."