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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Agricultural problems of Pakistan GAMELOOP MAGIC BULLET

As Pakistan is an agricultural country. About 70% of the population is directly or indirectly involved in agriculture. Agriculture is the backbone of the Pakistani economy. Pakistan earns a lot of foreign exchange from agriculture. The total area of ​​Pakistan is 6-79 million acres. It also has 7-23 million acres of agricultural area which is 28% of the total area. 8% of this area has become useless due to non-cultivation. Pakistan is rich in natural resources but still the agricultural sector in Pakistan is facing a lot of problems which is mainly due to water. One is India's water terrorism, it has control over the rivers, sometimes floods in Pakistan. Brings famine Second, Pakistan has a river and canal system, but if you look, it is not as much as it should be for an agricultural country. The main reason for this is the lack of dams.

Even in this day and age, farmers do not know the methods of modern agriculture nor the appropriate measures. Even today they are using the same old methods. The lands are uneven due to which there is a problem of irrigation. In foreign countries, farmers are reaping huge harvests using new methods, but we do not have these factors, which is causing huge losses every year. 

The most important issue is that of the government, which has almost no inclination towards this sector, nor does it appear to have a proper strategy or awareness. Farmers are becoming more and more burdened by inflation. Due to which they are not able to get out of debts and live a prosperous life. On the other hand, the feudal system is weakening it day by day. 

If the farmer of a country is prosperous, then that country is prosperous. By imposing new taxes on fertilizers, increasing the prices of petrol, diesel and medicines. 

The farmer has been further weakened economically. Toxic and counterfeit drugs, fertilizers, lack of regular land checks and most importantly lack of awareness are harming the agricultural sector. In addition, the lack of balanced crop production in our country is also a big problem which is difficult to control but can be greatly improved if the government tries.

In addition, the government should receive farmers' crops at a good and reasonable price. Even last year, wheat was not received on time, which caused great hardship to the farmers. Most importantly, our government must confront every mafia associated with the agricultural sector because that is the good of the country. 

In addition, interest-bearing agricultural loans are increasingly embracing farmers. Agricultural implements are very expensive which are out of reach of the common farmer as they are also taxed.

With all these points in mind, the government should take appropriate steps for the welfare of today's farmers so that Pakistan can soon become a great agricultural country and come before the world. Let's renew our commitment to make this country a great nation.