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Monday, September 14, 2020


From the day Pakistan came into being, Pakistan's natural enemies have been pursuing it. The United States and Israel, including India, have also considered Islam a threat to their very existence while Pakistan considers Islam as a fortress of Islam. 

The role of Muhammad (peace be upon him) and Ali (peace be upon him) is of utmost importance in the establishment and stability of a revolutionary Islamic state like Madinah. On the day when the sun of the first Islamic state in the form of Madinah rose with full splendor, it was decided to establish Pakistan in the seventh heaven and to select the leaders for its founders. Name "Muhammad Ali".

While the so-called Quaid-e-Azam Sani Bhushan Yadav is silent on Altaf's speech like the case of Hosharba's revelations, the uncrowned king of Punjab and Center falls under the category of illegal constructions of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) offices in Karachi. 

They are angry, their anger cannot be an ointment for the fugitive leadership of Muttahida Qaumi Movement. Those who inflict heavy blows on the integrity of Pakistan and shed blood on the occasion of national security are still in peace while there are tears of blood in the eyes of Pakistanis. 

Such "phrases and attacks" by India reunite and organize the dispersed Pakistanis. The coming to power of Narendra Modi has completely exposed the links with Pakistan's internal enemies and its external enemies. Unnecessary "speech" of Narendra Modi

Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “I love my slaves more than my mothers, that is, Allaah is the witness of the love, majesty and love of the mother.” It can be done, but the mother is really in love. Even if the children are disobedient, she becomes a sacrifice to them. 

Much has been written in the honor of the mother and will continue to be written till the Day of Judgment. The Almighty has in many verses of the Holy Qur'an, Furqan Hameed, taught us human beings to love and devotion to our parents and promised them a reward for doing so. The creators are the parents, the other Khusro Daman and the third teacher are also considered as the parents and each of them is rightly treated with compassion and respect.

 Deserves work The state is also a mother and no jealous person can abuse a mother. Jealous sons have been seen repeatedly beating their heads to maintain the sanctity of the mother's ankles. Our mother also had a fearless and proud son, Rashid Manhas Shaheed, who flew his plane to the ground to prevent the national secret enemy from falling into his hands and to send the national traitor to hell. 

There are also some disobedient and ignorant children who do not feel ashamed while enjoying their pride and glory. Those who consider the enemy as their friend and Satan as their Messiah are ignorant of the present age.

Even if a Muslim usurps the rights of another Muslim, the affected Muslim seeks help from Allah Almighty against him. He does not prostrate at the doorstep of any infidel nor does he circumambulate the houses of false forces. Yes, Islam is a question mark. 

Every Muslim seeks refuge in the world from the evils of the United States, while under the auspices of the rulers of India and Israel, Holi is played daily with the blood of Palestinian and Indian Muslims. It is not right for Altaf to write Hussain with his name because there is nothing beautiful in it. 

I am satisfied that I will die and be buried in my homeland while the traitors of my homeland may not even accept the soil where they are hiding but the pure soil of my homeland will not accept them. The traitors are not used by the rulers of the enemy country but are used by them and after the completion of their agenda they are used. The traitors are left at the mercy of the nation. Who will not be loyal to Pakistan in four decades? The state does not die, while the traitors do not live.

In India, cow is considered as Gaumata while its death is considered as immortality. In India, many medicines are prepared from cow dung and urine, therefore it is not usable for any Muslim. Don't use it at all. Hindu villages roam freely on Indian highways and no one can stop them. 

It is worshiped there and if a Muslim citizen cooks goat meat, his house is raided on suspicion of beef and the family is severely beaten. Muslims are killed immortally on the basis of mere suspicion. In the neighboring country, Gaumata is more important than human beings and especially Muslims, while in our country, some short-sighted state does not respect and honor a mother who abuses her mother. 

He is devoid of love, and he who does not have love is humanIt is worse. Human beings are called noble creatures on the basis of their consciousness and conscience, but most of the human beings of this age have buried their conscience and consciousness within themselves. Human beings are growing day by day in the world while humanity is disappearing.