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Thursday, September 3, 2020

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This is a long and historic debate, but I will try to talk about it briefly. The Kashmir issue is getting more and more complicated. There is no hope of any improvement in the long run. The biggest loss in this whole phase is facing the people there. Their true freedom, their nationality, their city is paralyzed and under occupation. Are

Why doesn't this problem end? After all, what is the obstacle that is not allowing it to be solved !? For a while now we imagine that the Kashmir issue has been resolved, (there are three ways to solve it, one is to join Pakistan, the other is to join India or the third is to be completely independent). Are passing

Once this historic Kashmir issue is resolved, there will be no justification for India to have any kind of enmity and after the resolution of this issue, their defense budget will be reduced, less budget means less luxuries of their elite class or Will end, this budget is likely to cut off extra income, all this will put their big investments in jeopardy and that is why they have kept this problem tangled, the budget will remain because of the problem. 

Will come, home, business, investment will continue, if the problem is solved, the business will end. In order to keep their business alive and growing, they continue to receive money from the treasury of their country every year by making a drama on this issue and by making false dramas and giving a positive message, they defraud the defense budget which makes the people happy. If their businesses continue to rot, then the Kashmiri people.

Ordinary people now need to understand how the lives of millions of people are being ruined to increase their money, their education, development is becoming more and more chaotic. 

Hate is being spread by turning its people against Pakistan on the one hand and on the other hand it is being sown in the midst of fanaticism. People get emotional and look at the people of the neighboring country with prejudice. The people of Kashmir are paying the price in the form of blood.

Instead of maintaining friendly relations with the neighboring country, the government brainwashes its people and they are using their religion as a weapon in this war of hatred and bigotry which is strengthening the roots of fanaticism and hatred.

The result is that instead of friendly relations between the two countries, there is hatred, prejudice, the people of Kashmir are suffering and the elite class is busy making money and a question is also being asked of the United Nations.