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Tuesday, September 22, 2020


The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a country where the implementation of the Islamic world is possible, there is democracy and there is a place for the people to live. But I don't know why I miss Masoom Zainab today who was brutalized even while living in this Islamic and holy country. 

It was hoped that no other girl would fall victim to this brutality. But so many innocent children are still facing this brutality. Even in educational institutions, innocent children are not safe. Recently, 5-year-old Marwa in Karachi also faced the same brutality which has not yet been brought to justice and the bloody beasts are still free.

I don't know why those innocent children of Sahiwal tragedy whose innocent parents were killed in front of their eyes as if they are harmful to the society are not leaving their minds today. What was their sin? Does anyone know till today? He could not walk. And if there was no sin, then why was the blood of these innocents not avenged? Will those children be able to forget such a heartbreaking event for the rest of their lives? Will they be able to form a good society when they grow up?

Every time this happens, there is an uproar among the people, there is condemnation, there is an outcry for justice, which makes the law enforcement agencies alert, even the members of the government make big claims, but before that If there is justice, that noise also stops and we become victims of the same indifference and helplessness. How quickly we have become accustomed to forgetting. 

Islam teaches us that killing an innocent is the killing of all humanity and we have fallen so low that we kill innocent children as victims of brutality and still walk on the land of Allah. Yet our hearts do not burst with fear, yet we engage in our own affairs as if nothing had happened. Are we not afraid of divine punishment?

History has shown that nations that do not have justice are wiped off the face of the earth. A beast has been arrested in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa who has brutalized many innocent children and made videos of them and sold them. He also held a high post on the recommendation of the ministers and no decision has been taken yet. So dark that even self-acceptance requires evidence for justice.

If justice was done on time, such incidents on the Lahore-Sialkot motorway would never have happened. Where a woman became the object of lust in front of her children, where a woman even called the law enforcers but got the answer that it is not within our limits and now on the contrary they say that what was the need to go alone? And those who say that they are responsible for such incidents do not happen. 

Their job is to protect the lives and property of the people. That is, the sense of responsibility has disappeared. According to the residents of the area, there have been several incidents of robbery in the same place before. If action had already been taken, would this incident have taken place? Could not be avoided? Who is disabled?

Well, we as human beings are no less. We have to cry now and then no matter what happens, we have to forget and our attention has to be diverted. Those who are involved in these incidents are beasts, but are we silent? Don't even support them? Who has to bind these beasts? Who has to hunt them?

Who has to save the innocence of innocent children, boys, girls, women from these beasts? It is up to the government of the day to bring these beasts to such an instructive end that tomorrow someone else will tremble before committing such a beast, stone him or hang him in the squares so that no one else thinks of such evil. Otherwise, such incidents will continue to happen and our children will be insecure.

Oppression is oppression, then it increases, then

it disappears, then blood, then there is blood, it will drip, then it will freeze.