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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

The monster and the solution to poverty VNHAX BETA SMARTGAGA AND GAMELOOP V1.0

verty robs faith. It is a global problem. Various systems have been tried to eradicate poverty from the world, but they have failed. Such experiments have made the problem of poverty more complex and serious. Problems equivalent to

The United Nations also launched various programs at the World Forum, set up funds, but the problem remained. Not long ago, the situation in Europe was much better. The standard of living in developed countries was poor. I used to go, but now developed countries are also planning to get rid of people from other countries. Even there, people now sleep on the sidewalk.

When communism first took over the world, people's property disappeared and everything became common. How can the abilities of all human beings be equalized? Every human being has different qualities. If the skills to earn capital are different, then how can everyone be kept equal, so the bull of this system could not be raised. After that, the capitalist system was launched on a global scale. Institutions were monopolized and kept on interest. This system allowed the capitalists to take over the market. 

The world has become a global village and global contractors shortage goods whenever they want. This system first destroyed the government structures. Destroyed, spread anarchy in the countries and when the economy weakened, the countries got stuck in debts to establish their monopoly. The poor got poorer and the rich got richer. But now this system is also faltering.

According to the National Commission of Pakistan, the poverty rate was 57.9% in 1998. Later it was reduced to 24.5% in 2015. Now the poverty rate in Pakistan is 38.4%.
According to a 2015 United Nations Development Program (UNDP) survey, the Planning Commission found that Pakistan's growth rate since 1952 has reached minus 1.8 percent, while it is in danger of reaching minus 2.50 percent. The UAE, Saudi Arabia and China also have to repay their debts, which are becoming difficult.

According to the report of the State Bank of Pakistan, Pakistan is indebted to the tune of Rs 334.21 billion, of which external debt is Rs 32.50 billion. As a result, tax rates will be increased, electricity, gas and petrol prices are being increased. According to the survey, South Asia has been hit by the worst financial crisis in 40 years, the economic downturn. According to the survey, 65 to 70 million people in Pakistan have lost their jobs. 

According to the World Bank, Warsak district of Balochistan is the poorest district in Pakistan with a poverty rate of 72.5%. Abbottabad district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is the richest district with a poverty rate of 8%. Balochistan is the poorest province with a poverty rate of 42.2%.2%, KPK has 27% poverty rate. Punjab has 25% poverty rate. Only Balochistan has 53% child malnutrition and KPK, Sindh and Punjab have 38% malnutrition.

Poverty has devastated homes, desperate people have committed suicide, including children. The daughters of the poor have been sold. Poverty is also a cruel thing that sells honors. For the sake of sinful stomachs, our young people are going to Europe through Iran, Turkey and Europe in illegal ways. Crime is increasing day by day. People are forced to take loans on interest. Numerous microfinance banks have opened in the country which are giving loans to women on interest. Half of the population of the country is forced to live below the poverty line. Is .

Now the million dollar question is how to eradicate poverty from Pakistan?

To answer this question, we have to be realistic. Giving 12,000 rupees from the relief fund to open anchorages and build shelters will not solve the problem.

At the government level, interest must be discouraged. The youth must be made skilled. Benefactors, heartbroken NGOs must be encouraged and facilitated. Inflation, hoarding, unemployment must be controlled. Industries must be controlled. Tax exemptions and freedom to work should be given. Industries that have left the country due to our wrong policies should be brought back.

In an Islamic state, the Islamic system of Zakat should be activated so that capital can be circulated. When money comes in the market, the wheel of the economy will turn. The living standards of the people will improve. About one million acres of uncultivated land in Pakistan, which will provide employment to half a million families, and the government will benefit two hundred million dollars.
Develop a long-term strategy to end poverty. Protect young people from mental confusion.