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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Weed loss in buffalo fighting XTREME BYPASS LD PLAYER 1.0

Allah Almighty has given us fertile land in this world. This is His grace. That is why our country is called an agricultural country.

Allah has created the earth for all mankind but He has reserved the right of ownership and has given mankind the right to benefit from it so that you may benefit from it and give thanks to Me but the educated people have made this earth their property. Take it and establish boundaries. 

In the same way, every farmer considers his land as his sovereign without his share, but when the angel dies, his property is divided among the other heirs and then it becomes clear. That this world, this land was never mine, but my only deeds were where I spent the crop growing from this land.

The farmer irrigates the fields, grows crops in them and then feeds himself and his family with this crop. When his income is high, he keeps animals and uses them for milk and transportation. He grows grass in his fields for these animals so that he can fill their stomachs. 

But to benefit from these animals, he also They need to be tied up because if they are left open, they ruin their own fields and infiltrate other people's fields and cause damage. And even if they do fight with each other, the damage is done to the grass. That is why it is said that "the loss of grass in the battle of buffaloes". Grass grows naturally, it does not require any labor, but the fertility of the land is enough for it.

And the land here (Pakistan) is also fertile. So after independence it was taken over by the farmers and these farmers raised cows and buffaloes of their choice then instead of tying them up they were left open and then They are fighting and the grass is constantly being damaged. 

The grass is short [poor] and long [princes]. But the damage is more to the small grass because it falls on the feet and the long grass in the mouth. Then these animals were replaced by beasts, and lions and leopards began to eat grass.

These animals ate grass and stored it when it was full. Then when it was the turn of the beasts, they too filled their stomachs and the stomachs of their children. Is taking It is not enough for him to speak up for his rights or to wait for a Messiah to come and solve all our problems. 

But it is also a good thing because this grass is stinking anyway, it smells like fertilizer, so let it go, then new grass will be planted which will be lush, bill-eating, fragrant. And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes. 

Opportunities are created, a little is created automatically. If we study our history, it is clear that whenever we embarked on a journey of progress, we were either misled or misdirected. On a new path again Inserted So we have three more years to go on this new path of "change" and then we will decide whether we are on the right path or the wrong one.