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Sunday, October 4, 2020

CRN BYPASS LD PLAYER Pakistan, Pharaoh and English

Language is a systematic system of communication. The scientific study of language is called linguistics. Words represent experience. Thinkers like Rousseau argue that language comes from emotion, while others, such as Kant, believe that it originated from rational and logical thought.

The mother tongue, or the language of the mother / father / parents, also called the arterial language, is the language that a person has learned shortly after birth.

Urdu is the official national language of Pakistan, modern standard Urdu which is very easy to speak, write and understand.

What are the conspiracies to destroy us and how are our plans for destruction made and who uses these plans? Is active to bring, we do not know what to do if we find out, whose collar is in our hands and whose colored robe is stringed in our hands.

The game being played in Pakistan to crush the intelligentsia, to make our generations barren and to destroy our children is unprecedented in the entire world and in human history.

Just think, ask people to get to know people around the world, connect with your friends around the world and ask people in

Japan, China, Russia, Korea, the Philippines and Iran when your child 3 Or 4 years old and if you decide to send him to school, in how many languages ​​does he start studying?

Does it happen that one is their own language and the other is the language of a world power so that they can develop, move forward, if you don't get an answer or stones fall, tell them that there is a country in the world where this spectacle This has been happening for the last 73 years, and at the same time, there is a powerful class in this country who want to change the language of this country and implement the language of a world power.

Let me repeat and make it clear that the IQ of Pakistanis has also dropped to a dangerous level and they have to work hard to understand what is going on.

Pakistan is the only country in the world where a 3, 4 year old child is taught in two languages ​​and this process does not happen in any other developed or sensible country in the world. What happens to it, if you don't know, I'll tell you.

One language is written from right to left and the other language is written from left to right.

The scripts of the two languages ​​are very different from each other and there is no connection between the two. The

child learns one language at home, speaks it and as soon as he reaches school he starts learning another language. Is, from which he begins to consider the acquisition of knowledge in practice a difficult and complex process.

Words consist of letters, and each letter has a form, in the early years when the child is taught he forms a form of each word in his mind, when he is taught in two languages This form begins to form in the mind of the child. As a result, he has difficulty in reading and writing. Have you ever seen your children throwing books around in confusion, stuttering and boredom, if this has happened? The reason for this is the dual system of education.

Then there is also the fact that when a child acquires knowledge in one language, his mind becomes monotonous, now his mind becomes confused and he is overwhelmed by a double burden. The result is that the country of 180 million and not a single world-class scientist, engineer, economist, doctor, scholar, or educator has been able to do so.

It is the fear within our rulers that they will not be deprived of their throne. They are engaged in a struggle for class division and the supremacy of one class over another, when they say that we are the school of wisdom. Establishing that the child of the poor should get the same quality of education that the child of a rich man is getting, then they have no purpose in mind except depriving the poor of education and crushing them. If they really want to give the same education to the children of the poor and the children of the rich, then they should introduce the same system of education in the whole country. Education should be given in one language in the whole country which is Urdu. Large countries can climb the ladder of development by enforcing one language, so what is the torment on Pakistan that one language cannot be implemented in it and at the same time a foreign language is being imposed.

I think that what Pharaoh did to the children of Israel was being done to the Pakistani nation, he was also killing the children of the children of Israel. The same thing is happening here. Yes, I will explain in another post how boys are being killed in Pakistan, but in today's post I will be content with how the intelligence of Pakistani children is being crushed. How they are being mentally disturbed and how their essence is being destroyed.

Lastly, Pakistan is the only country in the world where language is given the status of knowledge and children are forced to solve its problems forever. They are in the process of solving the problems of this language for 14 years. They rise, then fall, fail, and finally abandon education. What is knowledge, what is science and technology, what is economy and society, they are not allowed to reach.

The present government has made a uniform education system and they want to introduce this system by March 2. Everyone should have supported it. The gaps in it should have been removed from mutual consultation and not opposition should have been started. This education system is considered as a death by a large section of the people. Their

bullying and monarchy are in danger. Khan Sahib , do n't go back an inch.

Let's try to break this trap together, otherwise we can mourn and beat.

Let us mourn the last 73 years, mourn the generations that have died in vain and mourn the slavery and misery we are being pushed towards, mourn our future generations. Mourn your ruin and destruction.

The murder would not have discredited the children.

Unfortunately, Pharaoh did not understand English